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Encore Data Centers

Data center cables from Encore Wire that are specially designed to provide you with the power you need

Encore Wire understands that data center cables play a crucial role in ensuring the overall performance of your system. This is why they offer cables that have been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of data centers. Encore's high-quality products are not only easy to install but also flexible, making them suitable for routing around small spaces. Furthermore, Encore's cables are heat-resistant, which makes them highly durable and reliable. With an unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and fast delivery, you can rest assured that Encore Wire is the best choice for all your data center cable needs.

Encore Bare Copper

Soft-Drawn Bare


Encore THHN/THWN-2



Encore Aluminum XHHW-2



Introducing Encore Wire's New Reel Payoff® PREMIUM

Are you ready to boost your job-site productivity? Discover Encore's newest product development - the premium version of their classic Reel Payoff®. The newly released Reel Payoff® Premium is now available and offers even better maneuverability! The new premium version transitions the classic design to a single sheet of hard wood. There is a welded metal band that encircles the metal drum, and the drum is pre-cut with wire tail slots so that it can accommodate virtually any wire size that is used. Designed with large projects in mind, these upgrades enhance the industry's first self-spinning wooden reel, taking it to the next level of efficiency and performance.

Encore New Reel
IDEAL Identification Products


Easy to Manuever - You can pull from the pallet or when off pallet, The Reel Payoff® rotates within its own axis for 360-degree maneuverability; perfect for small spaces.

Single Sheet Hard Wood - the new version of The Reel Payoff® is lighter in weight! With the single sheet, hard wood design, this enhancement allows for decreased pulling tension and more stability.

Welded Metal Band - Easy maneuvering! Reel Payoff® is easy to position with its newly designed welded metal band. Simply set it where you want it and get ready to pull!


Electri-Flex Data Centers

Electri-Flex offers a wide range of high-quality wiring solutions for your next data center project. Their flexible conduit provides physical protection to wires and cables ensuring a safe and seamless installation process. Liquatite® conduit features include: UL Listed / CSA Certified, Jacketed metallic and unjacketed varieties, Colored jacketing options to identify critical wiring, Zero-Halogen conduit providing safety and low fire hazard solutions, and Power Distribution Assemblies allowing for fast installations.


The growing emergence of large scale data centers have posed companies with new wiring challenges such as how to improve the safety within those facilities. Data center facilities require monumental amounts of wiring and subsequently, that can increase the risk of injury caused by electrical hazards. Choosing the wrong products for wiring and electrical conduit may result in accidental toxic gas release in the event of a fire.

Therefore, turning to conduits that have a polyurethane jacket are of the upmost importance for facility safety. Conduits with polyurethane are naturally safer due to their resistance to hydrocarbons, moderate chemicals and oils. They are a low fire hazard, are self-extinguishing and are non-halogen emitting. Using Electri-Flex's jacketed zero-halogen polyurethane conduits will help prevent potentially catastrophic events.

Liquatite Conduit in Data Centers

Encore Bare Copper

Computer Blue TYPE CBLA

Computer Blue LA (CBLA) is a liquidtight flexible steel conduit used most often in Data Center applications. The blue jacket color easily identifies circuitry for computer power wiring.

Features:Flexible Blue PVC, Resistant to Oils and Mild Acids, Flame Retardant, Sunlight Resistant (UV), Marked HD for “Heavy-Duty”


Encore Bare Copper

Zero-Halogen TYPE ZHLA

Type ZHLA is a Halogen-Free liquidtight flexible steel conduit that provides a low fire hazard solution for applications that require limiting toxic materials of combustion.

Features:Zero-Halogen Polyurethane, Resistant to Ozone, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals and Oils, Flame Retardant, Low Smoke & Toxicity, Sunlight Resistant (UV), Marked HD for “Heavy-Duty”


Custom Conduit Cutting

Electri-Flex Company has over 60 years experience manufacturing the highest quality Liquatite® flexible conduit in the Industry. Our high quality standards and professional in-house equipment make custom cutting for your next job even simpler. Let Electri-Flex's highly trained staff cut, clean, deburr and package your next order. Shipments arrive project-ready, saving you time on the job site.

Benefits Include:

Shipments arrive project-ready, Save time on the jobsite, Reduce labor, Limit tools required, Decrease job site accidents, Eliminate scrap, and Easier connector attachment

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