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Connexion is a young company with a long history of being remarkable to our clients.


You might say that Connexion is a destination. A destination where creative ideas and practical solutions meet. It's the place where business as usual is replaced by doing something unexpected. It's the intersection where the electrical distribution business meets with that new, unpaved road called innovation.

Founded in 2007, Connexion has become one of the preeminent electrical equipment and supply providers in the Midwest. Connexion provides a wide array of leading electrical and lighting products, design services, expert application support and customized, integrated solutions meeting the unique needs of our clients.


Because we're constantly raising the bar on what's expected by delivering unexpected value.

Creating a great client experience is our singular focus. We approach each client opportunity with a fresh perspective while deploying our unique blend of product solutions and value-added services. We deliver these with the unbridled talent and enthusiasm of our associates who thrive to help you succeed. From People, Needs, and Ideas, to Solutions, Products and Services: We are your Connexion.

See What's Behind Our New Look

We've rebranded to support our ongoing strategy of transforming Connexion to prepare for a new era of connected business in the digital world.

Our Facility Tour

Take a quick peek behind the curtain; a glimpse of the magic our operations team performs on a daily basis and the character our associates embody.


Since our beginning in 2007, we were determined not only to march to the beat of a different drummer, but also to reinvent the drum.

Our core expertise is electrical distribution, lighting design and cost-saving solutions, but that's just where our story begins. Our growth continues at a rate that outpaces the market. We attribute this success to our unique vision, our entrepreneurial spirit and the over-the-top effort, and dedication of our associates..

  • 2007


    David Rosenstein and Steve Abrams acquire Classic Electric Supply; renames the business "Connexion" and ensues to reimagine and reinvent the electrical distribution business. Our annual customer, vendor and associate Cinco de Mayo tradition begins.
    # Employees: 3

  • 2008


    Connexion Joins Affiliated Distributors and opens their first Distribution Center on Hastings St. in Buffalo Grove, IL
    # Employees: 27

  • 2009


    At the cusp of the evolution of LED lighting and its associated disruption in fixture and control technology, Connexion forms their first Energy Solutions division and becomes a ComEd Trade Ally.
    # Employees: 32

  • 2010


    Connexion implemented a formal management structure, associate training program, and a process for performance reviews. Develops unbiased, web-based resources to educate the market on emerging LED technology and debunks bogus claims and "green washing".
    # Employees: 46

  • 2011


    Connexion moves to their current, larger location on Leider Lane in Buffalo Grove and formalizes their Core Beliefs and Key Attributes. Launches non-profit Science Connexion program promoting STEM education in community schools.
    # Employees: 52

  • 2012


    For our work in Science Connexion and our leadership role in educating our marketplace, tED Magazine awards Connexion as "Best of the Best Overall" Distributor. Develops our first menu of Value Added Services. Opens Chicago customer service center. Launches 1st annual Energy Incentive Quick Guide providing businesses guidance in all available utility incentives.
    # Employees: 64

  • 2013


    DTS, our proprietary logistical service ushers the beginning of a comprehensive and ongoing portfolio of project services.
    # Employees: 67

  • 2014


    To provide some clarity to what it is that Connexion does, a new tagline is developed: "Electrical and Energy Business Solutions". David Rosenstein receives NAED's Distinguished Service Award.
    # Employees: 77

  • 2015


    To create additional efficiency and value, Connexion implements a Lean 5S Quality System to their warehouse and logistics operations. New Customer Service center in Evanston is opened.
    # Employees: 88

  • 2016


    Since the launch of DTS in 2013, Connexion refines and re-engineers DTS and formally launches their IPS (Integrated Project Services) program. Launches 1st annual Certified Safety Training event.
    # Employees: 98

  • 2017


    Connexion celebrates their 10th Anniversary by launching a customer travel incentive program. We merged our project sales and energy sales (formerly "Energy Solutions") teams. Began the process of building out our eCommerce website and launched data as a culture.
    # Employees: 110

  • 2018


    Connexion takes a group of 80 customers and vendors to Akumal, Mexico to celebrate their 10 anniversary. Launched Vision 2020, and undertook a much needed expansion of our Buffalo Grove Distribution Center and office space. Connexion is awarded a Best of the Best Award from tED Magazine for Best Event (Safety Training). Science Connexion program wins Giving Back Award from AD.
    # Employees: 122

  • 2019


    Connexion acquires Van Meter's Chicago location. Schneider Electric appoints Connexion as their newest Chicago area distributor in over 40 years. Connexion's new eCommerce website wins tED magazines' Best of the Best Award.
    # Employees: 122


April 2011: Connexion Invests in Tomorrow's Leaders


Our core principles guide our team on its journey of personal and professional growth.

These principles embolden a measurement of success not by financial metrics alone, but by how we influence the lives of the people we touch. Our vision, mission, and goals, are rooted in these principles and helps us manage our business in an ethical and transparent way.


Being remarkable to our clients

We are champions for our client's business. We must walk in our client's shoes and look out for their best interests. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. By being remarkable to our clients, we then have the opportunity to be remarkable as a team and an organization.

Supporting our team's excellence and happiness

Our associates are our greatest and most important asset. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our associates. We strive to create a work environment where motivated associates can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results.

Delivering quality services and solutions

Doing it right the first time exemplifies the high standards we set for ourselves and our manufacturer partners. We define quality by our ability to deliver the appropriate technical solution or product in an accurate and consistent manner.

Caring about our environment and our communities

We respect our environment through our pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle existing resources. We strive to become better citizens and active participants in our local communities through the people we aid and the environment we help sustain.

Creating our future through profits and growth

We earn our profits every day through successfully servicing loyal clients. We recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth and job security. The growth and prosperity of our organization is proportionate to and sustained by our ongoing commitment to the education and personal development of our associates.



Accessible refers to the ease or difficulty of making a connection. This includes availability, friendliness, convenience and more. When a client has a need and reaches out to us, we have a responsibility to answer this need with accuracy and professionalism in the shortest time possible.


Creative is finding a responsible way to say 'Yes.' To achieve success in today's evolving marketplace, all associates must be able to adapt, evolve, and be creative in the way we pursue opportunities, solve problems and fulfill commitments.


Being flexible is the quality of listening to our clients and identifying their needs. Our flexibility is then demonstrated by the way we deliver our services and solutions, and finding a mutual beneficial outcome.


Responsive is an attitude. It's a mindset that determines whether we are thinking strategically and taking proactive measures to better ourselves and our client's situations or merely reacting to the circumstances at hand.



Our greatest asset is our associates. Neither technology nor infrastructure can replace that which is born of committed and passionate people.


From our associates and their families to our customers and suppliers, we define our success by our ability to answer the needs of our community.


Within a workplace that encourages the question of 'why not?' innovation begins as a droplet of water whose ripple effects grow in size by the number of people it benefits.


Solutions represent the quality of our connections. They are the deliverables of our ideas, evolving harmoniously with the needs of our community.


We are proud to be known by the company we keep.

Connexion has developed strong bonds with leading industry organizations who provide value to our clients and vendors, as well as the industry in general. As an active member of these associations, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to help guide and improve the many markets and related industries we jointly serve.

Associated Builders & Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors is a national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members. Based on the merit shop philosophy, we help our members develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work.

Better Business Bureau

As with all businesses that are Accredited by the BBB, Connexion has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices. The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices on how businesses treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and being truthful. Connexion is proud to be a BBB Accredited Business.

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program

Trade allies and service providers are contractors, distributors, engineering and design firms who have been trained on the processes and procedures of the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program. They help businesses and public sector customers implement energy efficiency improvements and apply for ComEd Energy Efficiency incentives.



IBelongHere's mission is to influence the mindsets and actions of people to value differences to create stronger, more inclusive workplace environments and communities. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships across the industry, they aspire to create and sustain an open culture of unity that understands the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion.



As the official technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry, our applications help connect the supply chain from manufacturer to distributor to end user, and make business processes efficient, easy and enjoyable for people every day.



Established in 1906, the IES is the recognized technical and educational authority on illumination. For over one hundred years its objective has been to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers through a variety of programs, publications, and services.

iMark Group


The IMARK Group is committed to building an industry leading distributor platform in a challenging business environment.  A member-owned, member-governed group of distributors across Electrical, Utility, HVAC/R, Plumbing, Irrigation, Waterworks, and PVF industries that is dedicated to supporting family-run and independent distributors. 


National Association of Electrical Distributors

As the only organization in the electrical distribution industry that focuses on making the channel more successful, NAED represents companies in wide spectrum of sizes from small and mid-sized independents to large regional and national chains. We help our members tell their story by providing the tools and resources necessary for them to succeed. NAED is the resource for education, networking, advocacy, education, defined standards and research.