Encore WireProduct Solutions from Connexion

Encore Wire Product Solutions from Connexion

Connexion CX Cabling

When you purchase Encore Wire through Connexion, our experienced team provides assurance that the correct reel size, parallel or stacking layout arrives on the jobsite with the appropriate material handling equipment as specified.

Shop PullPro®THHN WireEncore PullPro® Stranded Copper THHN Wire

Shop PullPro®Striped THHN WireEncore PullPro® Striped Stranded Copper THHN Wire

Shop Copper Building WireCopper Building Wire

Shop Aluminum Building WireEncore Aluminum Building Wire

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Features and Benefits

Custom features to help you save time and money on the job site.

SmartColorID® is a patented, color-coded labeling system developed by Encore Wire that makes it easy to verify wire gauge, the number of conductors, cable and jacket type and colors of inner conductors for metal-clad and armor-clad cables.

SmartCountTM marks are designed to help you quickly and easily cut accurate lengths of wire. With SmartCutTM, just cut on the asterisk for precise footage!

SuperSlick Elite® is a patented technology that features a slick, but never slippery or greasy, outer jacket for easy pulling without additional lubricant. SuperSlick Elite can increase your ability to maintain a productive, safe and cost-effective job site.

Arriving to a jobsite on time, with the right delivery and material handling assets reduces cost by minimizing waiting time. Whether integrated with other supply deliveries or delivered Off-Hours Connexion can provide the delivery specifications you need and cabling solutions you need to stay on task and on budget.

Encore SmartColorID

Shop Encore LV CableEncore Low Voltage Cable

Shop Encore Portable Cord

Encore Portable Cord

Shop Encore NM-B Cable

Encore Nonmetallic Cable (NM-B)

Shop Encore OH Service Drop

Encore Overhead Service Drop Cable

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