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Labor Saving Solutions

With the challenge of finding well trained and qualified labor, productivity is critically important.

In answer to this challenge, our manufacturer partners have been developing products aimed at minimizing installation time for professional installers for a variety of applications.

If you're interested in reducing risk, accelerating project timelines, addressing labor skill issues, and improving profitability, we encourage you to check these labor-savers out:

Cable & Conduit

Real cost savings without a premium price.

There are too many factors that contribute to the costs - both planned and unplanned, encountered during a project. Using products expressly designed for labor-saving is one way to combat these costs. With the intensive labor normally associated with conduit runs and wiring, we're confident you'll find real cost savings with these solutions from Encore Wire and Wheatland Tube. Check it out:

Electri-Flex Cutting Services

Custom Conduit Cutting by Electri-Flex

Electri-Flex Company has over 60 years experience manufacturing the highest quality Liquatite® flexible conduit in the Industry. Our high quality standards and professional in-house equipment make custom cutting for your next job even simpler.

Let Electri-Flex's highly trained staff cut, clean, deburr and package your next order. Shipments arrive project-ready, saving you time on the job site.

Benefits Include: Shipments arrive project-ready, Save time on the jobsite, Reduce labor, Limit tools required, Decrease job site accidents, Eliminate scrap, and Easier connector attachment

Encore PullPro, Cyclone, Reel Deal, Reel Payoff

Four Ways to Save Time from Encore Wire

PullPro: Because budget, safety and agility take priority on any job site, Encore Wire has developed the PullPro®. Weighing less than 30 lbs, it requires no additional tools and its durability is ideally suited for tossing in the back of your truck.

The Cyclone Barrel Pack: Looking to save 80% of the time required for circuit size wire pulls? Check out the these fully customizable setups are available in 14 through 10 AWG. Best of all, they're tangle-free and require no special tools or racks!

The Reel Deal: Do you have a paralleling job coming up? Check out Encore's "Reel Deal". These slick, wooden compartment reels are just what you need for getting through narrow doorways (think highrise office buildings!).

The Reel Payoff: The industry's first self-spinning wooden reel! No jack stand needed! The Reel Payoff allows you to pull directly from the pallet. When off the pallet, the Reel Payoff rotates within its own axis for 360-degree maneuverability; perfect for small spaces.

Wheatland Tube 20ft. lengths & Speed Couple

Labor Savers from Wheatland Tube

20' Conduit: Wheatland Tube's 20' conduit takes half as long to couple as 10' conduit and saves you 50% on connection costs. Plus, it helps you install straighter. It’s the smart choice for warehouses, big-box retail, airports, data centers and other long-run applications. Using 20' conduit compared to 10' reduces the couplings needed by 50%. This in turn decreases the budget needed for couplings, helping reduce the overall cost of the project.

Speed Couple: SpeedCouple connects conduit in half the time. It allows contractors to easily install conduit and elbows in tight spots. And it cuts material costs by as much as 50%, compared with three-piece couplings. Durably made in America and factory installed, SpeedCouple is available in steel rigid metal conduit (RMC) and elbows, and intermediate metal conduit (IMC). Great for tight spots, saddles, offsets, trenches and duct banks. Same functionality as a three-piece coupling, also available as elbows.

Wire & Cable Services

Solutions that deliver productivity gains, labor savings, and ergonomic improvements

Our experienced team provides assurance that the correct reel size, parallel or stacking layout arrives on the jobsite with the appropriate material handling equipment as specified. Equipment training is available with rental options on select equipment when needed to circumvent capital expenditures.

Compartmentalized Reels from Connexion

Compartmentalized Reels from Connexion

Our Metal Compartmentalized Reel Solutions

Not all jobsites are created equally. And many sites have their own unique challenges. This is why Connexion offers 4 different compartmentalized reel sizes. If you’re dealing with tight quarters or just looking for additional labor savings, look no further than to our selection of specialty reels and experienced wire handling team.

When you're dealing with tight quarters; doorways or elevators, Connexion offers 4 different compartmentalized reel sizes - both mobile and stationary, with and without spinners.

Small Metal Compartment Reel

Large Metal Compartment Reel

Large Metal Compartment Reel with Spinner

Narrow Metal Compartment Reel with Spinner

If you would like more information about our wire and cable services, please contact us using the email button below:


Rector Seal Pulling Heads installed by Connexion

Your Cable with Preinstalled Pulling Heads

Connexion is a certified installer of Rectorseal's "single use Wire Grabbers". If you have a large cable installation coming up, be sure to specify your cable ends arrive with Wire Grabbers installed.

Wire pulling with low initial cost total setup time for a 4-wire pull is less than 5 minutes. Pull Four times as much wire per day

Features: 18 sizes - 8 AWG thru 1000 MCM, Works on 600 Volts thru 35 KV wire, Rated for Copper & Aluminum Wire, and Reduces Waste - Saves time & money.

If you would like more information about our wire and cable services, please contact us using the email button below:


Distribution Equipment

Solutions from Schneider Electric for reducing material costs and installation time.

Integrated equipment that features space-saving design for fast installation, smaller footprint, and lowers on-site installation costs. Check it out:

Square D Integrated Power Center 2

Square D Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2)

Simple and flexible designs for space and time savings

The Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2) transformer combo was the first member of the IPC2 family of Square D™ products offered by Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS). Ideally suited for projects having both 480 Y/277 V and 208 Y/120 V requirements, its efficient, space-saving design means big value.

The IPC2 transformer combo and I-Line Combo Panelboard decreases electrical room space requirements by 40 percent or more. This integrated approach also means less conduit, fittings, and feeder cables, which dramatically improves on-site installation time and material costs.

Applications: Retail, Commercial Buildings, Industrial, Healthcare, Datacenters, Office/Banks

If you would like more information about the Square D IPC2, please contact us using the email button below:


Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard

Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard

The I-Line™ Combo Panelboard saves time and space by combining I-Line and NQ/NF sections in one panelboard.

The I-Line Combo Panelboard features a smart, space-saving design for fast installation and a smaller footprint, all with the proven reliability trusted for decades. And since you install one panelboard instead of two, you save on installation time, labor expenses, and material costs.

I-Line Combo Panelboards are capable of feeding large motor loads and are utilized in most every market segment. Wherever electricity is distributed or controlled, you can install or retrofit I-Line Combo Panelboards.

Requires up to 40 percent less space than a traditional I-Line and NQ and/or NF lighting panelboards configuration.

Roughing In

The roughing-in stage of your project is ripe for labor-savings.

Using prefabricated and labor-saving products can often bear substantial cost savings - not just on the job, but also when estimating labor-units in the bidding process. Product design, innovation and ease of use are the hallmarks of these leading labor-saving products.

Caddy Snap to Stud Bracket & Stud Spanner Bar

nVent CADDY In-Wall Solutions

Stud Spanner Bar: Secures EMT, MC/AC, and flexible conduit between metal studs. Innovative clip securely attaches to metal studs in pre-punched holes. Use with Cable/Conduit Clip to secure conduit and cable to bar. Adjustable for non-standard stud spacing.

Snap-to-Stud Box Support: Snap to stud function makes installation fast and easy, saving time and increasing productivity. Self-leveling feature ensures the electrical box is always square to the stud, for a consistent and professional installation. Specially shaped key holes help keep the box assembled even when the mud ring is removed, providing greater access to the box in the field.

RACO Hinged Mud Rings

Hubbell® RACO® Hinged Mud Rings

Unique Hinged design allows device to be mounted to the ring before installation

RACO Hinged Mud Rings speed up installation while ensuring that devices mount flush to the wall surface. The hinged design allows switches and outlets to be attached to the ring first, which then swings out of the way for wiring. This frees up both hands for the installer. Design also allows the ring to mount to the 4” square box without removing screws. Maintains code-compliant installations.

Features include: Hinged design allows easy and quick access to install conduit connectors and wiring, 1 and 2 gang models for use on 4” square boxes, and mounts to box without having to remove screws.


Orbit Recessed Lighting Adapter Plate

Unique Hinged design allows device to be mounted to the ring before installation

Orbit's Recessed Light Adapter Plates (RAP-T) is a fast and convenient solution for installing recessed lighting fixtures on T-Bars. With multiple CKOs, the RAP-T is the Industry's First One-Size-Fits-All Plate, allowing for a wide range of different sized recessed lighting fixtures.

Multiple CKOs to accommodate most 4" to 8" round and up to 5-1/4" square recessed downlights. Center marking allows for an easy positioning and installing of fixtures onto the plate with tek screws. Fits standard 2' x 4' or 2' x 2' T-Bar grid.

Trim Out

A look beyond traditional wiring methods..

Labor Savings comes full circle when you explore newer methods for wiring and connectivity. These devices promote a save installation with minimal handling.

Levitin Lev-Lok Devices

Leviton Lev-Lok Devices

Ensuring a future-proof and safe installation

Lev-Lok employs a simple twist and lock wiring module to provide a safe and secure connection allowing a quick install that’s 3x faster than traditional wiring. The speed and ease of Lev-Lok helps you get projects done faster for optimal time management and resource allocation. The simplicity of our modular wiring device system also lowers the risk of incorrect installation on a job.

Modular wiring devices are beneficial even after the initial install! They swap-out 5x faster than traditional wiring ensuring your facility is future-proof. Whether you're updating technology or meeting new code requirements, it's a fast and easy way to replace devices to meet changing needs.

Lutron Vive

Lutron Vive

Simple, scalable, wireless lighting control

Wireless lighting control helps make both new and existing commercial buildings efficient, comfortable and productive. Modular wiring devices are beneficial even after the initial install! They swap-out 5x faster than traditional wiring ensuring your facility is future-proof. Whether you're updating technology or meeting new code requirements, it's a fast and easy way to replace devices to meet changing needs. Quick installation time - up to 70% faster than wired control solutions - means shorter timelines and lower cost. And with stocked product at distribution, your projects go faster.

Program quickly by just using your phone, with step-by-step instructions. Adapt to inevitable changes by adding or moving wireless components without rewiring.

Taymac Expandable In-Use Covers & Masque Covers

Taymac Labor Saving Covers

Expandable In-Use Covers:Patented Quick-Fit keyhole mounting system allows installation under a minute. Patented Universal Fit Adapter System Technology for 16-in-1 custom device configurations, comes pre-configured for GFCI. Design expands from 1" to 3" in-use, rugged polycarbonate and neoprene won't rot, crack or deteriorate in sunlight and features a 100% paintable surface.

Masque Covers:Covers outdated outlets and switches in 2 steps! Allure wall plates easily transform old outlets in seconds with no need to rewire. The modular design allows you to fit any combination of outlets and switches while providing a premium screwless appearance. Don’t just update, upgrade! Quickly renovate an entire house or apartment with no wiring. Revive the look of old outlets and switches in minutes.

Specialty Products

Are they tools, consumables, or something else?

While the products on this page are grouped by the jobsite phase, these specialty products are used in various phases. But there's no confusing the time and labor savings they produce. Check it out:

Gardner Bender Cyclone Bender

Gardner Bender Portable Cyclone Bender

Introducing the innovative new Portable Cyclone powered conduit bender for bending 1/2" - 1" EMT, Rigid, IMC, EMT aluminum conduit and 1/2" - 3/4" PVC-Coated Rigid conduit, all on a single shoe! The bender uses a standard pipe threader as a power source, making it versatile and quick to set up with a common jobsite tool.

Bend 1/2" to 1" EMT and Rigid Conduit, Attaches to almost any pipe threader to use as a bending power source, Easy setup and operation – Use the lever adjustment on rear of bender to adjust the level of the conduit before the bend.

Approx. 35 lbs total (+18 lbs w/ threader). Comparable to 4 hand benders. Significantly less than a mechanical bender or triple nickel bender.


IDEAL® AmourBand™ Insulating Wrap

A clean, reusable solution to traditional electrical tape applications

The NEW ArmourBand™ Insulating Wrap insulates and protects devices while providing a quick, clean, reusable solution to the traditional tape application. It fits most receptacles while offering a repositionable wrap with a non-slip finish, allowing for excellent grip that leaves no residue behind.

Features include: Thickness is equivalent to 6 wraps of premium electrical tape, 33% wider than standard electrical tape, and exceeds flame retardant properties of electrical tape.



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