Smart Home Lighting

These definitely aren't your father's can lights.

Overhead, ambient lighting can be a strong contributor towards improving the quality of lighting in your home. Joining the growing list of smart home devices are downlights. They add convenience by letting you control the lighting throughout your home with hands free voice activation or by a touch of a button on your smart phone.

Control how your home looks and feels at any time by adjusting brightness and color temperature. And if controlling your lights are not enough, you can also have total voice control of your streaming music!

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LED Smart Downlight

Lithonia Lighting

LED Speaker Downlight


Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Caséta by Lutron

Smart Dimmer Switch Kit


The Simplest Solution to a Smarter Home

Control Your Entire Smart Home With Juno AI™

A LED light fixture that not only illuminates a room, but also locks the doors, schedules appointments, adjusts your thermostat, tells your family dinner is ready, runs the vacuum, reads you a book, dims the lights for movie night… the list is endless.*

Juno AI controls any smart home device that works with Alexa . And it’s virtually invisible in your ceiling… so say goodbye to countertop clutter and crank up the music.


Juno AI™ Spaces

 Dining Room       Great Room       Kitchen       Living Room       Bedroom      Bathroom       Office       Laundry Room

Choose Your Juno AI™ Downlight

Lithonia Lighting 6SL ®

LED Speaker Downlight

The Perfect Marriage of Light and Sound

These LED Wireless Speaker Downlights provides an easy and efficient way to light up a room and enjoy music in your home office. The perfect to retrofit into existing 6" downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications. Wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device via Bluetooth™.

Best of all, wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Pair up to 8 units together for an enhanced sound experience. Retrofit into most standard 6" recessed housings or new construction and remodel applications.

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Easily Install in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Pair first speaker light (MASTER) to your Bluetooth®-enabled device prior to installation.

Step 2

Sync additional (SATELLITE) units (up to 7) to MASTER unit prior to installation.

Step 3

Disconnect power at the circuit breaker, then install to recessed housing.

Step 4

Reconnect power at circuit breaker, use light as usual, and enjoy music from any streaming service you like.

Decora Smart ®

Smart Switches, Dimmers and Outlets

Take Charge of your Home’s Lighting with Easy,
Customizable Smart Technology

Add the safety and convenience of automated lighting with Leviton’s Decora Smart family of products. Leviton partners with the leading technologies to provide a solution for every home.

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Smart Lighting for Your Home

It’s easy to create a smart home by adding smart switches, dimmer switches, outlets, plugs, fan speed controls, and our favorite, the Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in (an Alexa light switch). Start small in one room with a plug-in smart dimmer or go big and outfit your entire home!

Whether it's an Alexa light switch, a Bluetooth light switch, or a Google Home light switch, Leviton has everything you need to make your home into a smart home.

Decora Smart Dimmer Switch

Use a smart switch dimmer to brighten lights to 100% for dinner prep and dim to 50% for a romantic evening. Use a wi-fi controlled light switch to dim large chandeliers and recessed lights whether incandescent, CFL, or LED.

4-Button Controller

Use one button when leaving your home to turn off all lights. Control smart home switches throughout the home.

Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in

Ask Alexa to dim and brighten lights, listen to news, play music, get weather, manage Alexa controlled lights, and more

Smart Fan Controller

Make your overhead ceiling fan smarter – control based on time, with an app, or with your voice.

Smart Home Switches

Schedule your front porch light to turn ON and OFF on time each day. Use a smart Wi-Fi light switch and the My Leviton app for control from anywhere. Whether you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit/Siri, Leviton has you covered.

Tamper Resistant Smart Receptacle

Make anything smart. “Alexa, turn on Movie Time” sets the right scene every time.

Decora Smart Plug-in Dimmer

Use an app to control table and floor lamps from anywhere – dim or brighten from 0-100% with a plug-in smart switch dimmer.

Decora Smart Plugs

Great for behind TV’s, next to bedsides, and behind couches – add smart controls without having the bulky smart plug.

Voice Controlled Lights

Ask your favorite voice assistant to grab the lights for you.

App Control

In the car, by the pool, or on vacation – you’re in control of your smart dimmer switch.

Wireless Anywhere Dimmer Companion

Create a new dimming location by placing anywhere on the wall and pairing with a Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen dimmer to control the same light.

Caséta by Lutron

Smart Lighting Control

Meet Caséta by Lutron.
Smart Lighting At The Switch

With Caséta smart dimmers and switches, you don’t need to buy smart bulbs to enjoy smart lighting. And since each dimmer switch can control multiple bulbs, you get a lot more control with a lot less investment.



Accidentally turn off smart bulbs at the switch and they stop working. That can’t happen with Caséta.


Smart lighting control at the switch means you're free to use just about any dimmable bulb.


Caséta works with more smart home devices than any other lighting brand, so you can add other devices and be confident that they’ll play well together.


The Smart Bridge delivers fast, reliable control that doesn’t slow down your Wi-Fi.


Set the lights to turn on or off at a specific time of day. Or, use our Sunset Tracker to control the lights without fail — even when the season changes, and you gain or lose an hour.


Control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a scene — so you can transform a room from “Game Night” brightness to “Movie Time” mood in no time. And when it’s bedtime, turn off all the lights right from your bed.

Smart Away

Look like you’re home even when you’re not. Use Smart Away to randomly turn your lights on and off throughout the evening to give the illusion that you are home — even if you’re out for the night or away for the week.

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