Inventory management that delivers worry-free stock levels and key product availability, increased staff productivity and cost savings.

Inventory management can be a time consuming drain on your resources.

From making decisions on what you need, negotiating pricing, to dealing with shipments and returns, there really is a simpler way! With Cx Crib Solutions, you can Increase staff productivity, by reducing the number of employee hours spent on inventory that can be reallocated for more productive activities - and spend your time where it's needed most!

No matter the size of your business, whether a small machine shop or a Fortune 500 company, effective inventory management can help eliminate errors and wasted expense and contribute to a healthier balance sheet through reallocating assets and freeing capital in unnecessary inventory.


Save Valuable Time

Decrease time spent looking for product and ordering and reduce accounting time through smart consolidation.

Better Manage Inventory

Always have inventory on the items that you use most – maintain inventory levels that make sense for you.

Reduce Costs

Save money by eliminating costly emergency orders and storing unnecessary inventory.


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