With our deep inventory and our highly-trained, experienced staff, CX Power is strongly positioned to fulfill any project with speed, accuracy and our unique labor-saving solutions.

An ideal marriage of best-in-class distribution and control equipment and unique, cost-saving solutions

Whether multi-family, commercial or industrial applications, Connexion's CX Power services excels at providing the optimal design solution for your switchgear and motor control needs. Our design-build solutions saves you time and allows you to move on to other facets of your project while our experienced team manages and designs the ideal power system solution that best suits your application.

From start-up support and construction scheduling to efficient close-out services, we provide the products, support and services that help ensure your project stays on task and on budget.


Our extensive local inventory of Square D products, is just the beginning of our formula for a successful project outcome. Our field-tested and innovative Cx Power packaged solutions deliver true cost savings and an unparalleled level of organization to your power distribution installation.

Increased Efficiency

No more wasting valuable time on the jobsite with labor intensive panelboard assembly

Just in Time Delivery

Get your equipment when you want them, how you want them and stay organized with minimal waste packaging

Quality Guarantee

Assembled panelboards are certified & tested in accordance with Square D guidelines

Reduced Costs

Assembled, installation ready panelboards upon delivery for no added charge


XPress Solutions

XPress Solutions

We put an end to traditional factory-assembled lead times, but kept the factory-direct pricing. Whether motor starters installed with pilot devices, or panelboard interiors with pre-installed breakers, our Cx XPress Solutions ensures quicker access to assembled products without the cost of expedited shipping. That means most services 600-1200A can ship assembled in 7 business days and most services 400A and below can ship next day from Connexion stock!


Cx Load Pak

The Cx Load Pak

  • Separate receiving of load center covers and back boxes, so covers do not get lost on site between rough and trim
  • Un-boxing of load center back boxes and shipping to site in waste free mobile carts
  • Lock install on load center fronts
  • Kitting breakers per unit & shipping to site during trim with covers
  • Main breaker install on convertible main load centers
  • Pre-installed circuit breakers in load centers
  • Panel Schedules pre-printed and affixed to load center covers
  • Special labeling (type, unit, floor, etc)

Cx Panel Pak

The Cx Panel Pak

  • Back boxes through stock at no extra charge
  • Back box labeling by designation
  • Unboxing covers & shipping in waste free mobile carts
  • Panel Schedules pre-printed and affixed to panel covers
  • Breakers packed and labeled by location

Cx Bus Pak

The Cx Bus Pak

  • Busway crate breakdown, shipping on mobile carts in order of the riser or run
  • Spring Hanger Height Setting
  • Special labeling (Piece # in order of run/riser)


Whether it's switchboards today or motor control centers tomorrow, you can rest assured that your quote will be on time and your project in good hands. Our extensively Square D trained, CX Power team will provide an optimal product/service solution at the right price, and at the time and place you need it.


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