A smart, well executed lighting design provides optimal energy savings, tenant satisfaction and an increase in property value.

Our design process takes into consideration:

  • Type of activity for which lighting is to be provided

  • The amount of light required for these activities

  • The color of the light and its impact within the space

  • The distribution of light within the space

  • Energy efficiency and available incentives

  • All budgetary considerations


1. Design Phase

Early in the design process we strive to get it right the first time by considering quality of light and owner needs. Depending on the project scope, deliverables may include:

   Fixture Specification

   Design Selection Boards

   Lighting Renderings

   Controls Sequence of Operations

With an energetic eye for innovation, we strike a balance of
quality and value.


2. Specification Phase

During specification phases we drill into the details and perform the heavy lifting in coordination.

With countless manufacturers to lean on we vet quality, feasibility and value to create solutions tailored to each custom project. A project that passes budget review the first time is a win for all parties.

3. Proposal Phase

To ensure quality and feasibility we use this phase to identify construction hiccups and present installation challenges early.

During the proposal phase we team with you to narrow the scope of your project and present innovative solutions to get the project on Schedule and in Budget.

4. Construction Administration

Once we are ready to move forward with the project, Connexion will provide tactical support every step of the way throughout the construction process.

At this point the reviews of feasibility and quality come together for a smooth construction journey. Our design and project management teams will coordinate frequently with the construction site stakeholders to see the project through to punch-list and beyond.


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