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CX Services

The services and expertise you need to keep your employees, facility and jobsite safe and productive

When you need to reduce cost and save time We have a CX Service for that!

From equipment based needs of switchgear or lighting, to lighting design, safety audits and inventory management, our services are designed to save you time, money and increase productivity. We invite you to explore our ever-evolving suite of services.

Your Jobsite

Connexion Services

No matter the size of your project or it's challenges, Connexion has an array of services guaranteed to save you time and money.

For the most complex projects our IPS suite of services are ready to take your project to the next level of ease and profitability.

Every jobsite has its unique challenges. And when you're dealing with tight quarters; doorways or elevators, our cabling solutions are just what you need to make a tough pull better. We address your needs from jobsite material handling and specialized cable payouts to risk mitigation solutions.

Whether you're working on a jobsite or in an industrial facility, take the next step in ensuring the safety of your team with our comprehensive safety solutions. From Fall Protection to Lockout-Tagout training, achieve an OSHA compliant work environment and safety certification for your team.

Do you have a jobsite with complex challenges? Experience documented cost savings and risk mitigation in our highly customizable service platform.

Cable solutions that deliver productivity gains, labor savings and ergonomic improvements within a highly customizable, cost-effective platform.

From safety equipment and training to inspection, Connexion helps ensure a safe and compliant operation.

Connexion's CX Power services excels at providing the optimal design solution for your switchgear and motor control needs..

From secure, mobile storage solutions to automatic replenishment, your jobsite will always having the right products onhand when and where you need them.

Your Facility

Connexion facility Solutions

Connexion provides a wide array of solutions to help you maintain your facility in peak condition and reduce your operating costs.

With lighting representing 40%-60% of the energy used in most commercial and industrial facilities, our lighting services provides an immediate impact both in worker satisfaction and a reduction of energy costs.

Beyond our prescriptive and custom lighting designs, many of our clients have taken the next step in their energy savings journey through enlisting our energy services. From motor load reduction solutions to asset recovery and employing renewable energy sources, we provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. We are your energy partners from design concept through installation and testing.

Our CX Crib Solutions raises the bar on traditional storeroom management. We will help you streamline your material handling and replenishment systems and drive costs from your storeroom's operations - all the while ensuring you have the right products when you need them.

Inventory management that delivers worry-free stock levels and key product availability, increased staff productivity and cost savings.

An energy reduction strategy encompassing everything from motors and lighting to cogeneration and water recovery systems.

Whether design & build or plan & spec, Connexion can tailor design solutions addressing all of your facility's lighting upgrade needs.

Your Office

Connexion e-solutions

If time is money, there is no better way to save and make money in your operation than our array of time-saving solutions.

Let's face it, there aren't always enough hours in the day to get everything done. As a result, we feel stressed and feel like we're always running behind. This is where our technology and process solutions come to play. Starting with our electronic invoicing, an important first step in gaining precious time in foregoing the management of paper billing, reporting and the associated filing tasks.

As ubiquitous as Amazon is to our personal lives, we come to expect the same ease of ordering and seamless experience in all our online transactions. Though without the drones, you can expect a similar experience from our ecommerce site - with intuitive, time saving navigation and robust order management functionality.

Your time shouldn't be spent waiting for the pricing and specs you need to submit a bid. Our CX Quick Quotes program ensures you get your time-sensitive quotes accurately and within a 30 minute time window. That's time saving and a great way to build confidence with your prospective customer.

We appreciate the critical role that time plays in your bidding and buying process. Simple and easy to use, Quick Quotes program that enables fast turn-around on stock and non-stock lighting fixture quotes.

Saving time expediting and placing orders is only the beginning. Learn the full extent of benefits from our digital experience.

Take back control of your accounting process by eliminating needless paper handling and develop an invoice schedule that suits your needs.

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