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Work From Home Solutions

Still working from home? The future is definitely not what we thought it would be just a few short months ago.

The "new normal" requires reimagining all aspects of the workplace, and for many of us, that may mean spending more time working from home. Whether you have a designated home office, or you're working from your kitchen, living room or bedroom, we have cost-effective solutions to help you curate your space to make your work-from-home experience more enjoyable and productive.

Smart Home Lighting Controls

You don't need to buy smart light bulbs to enjoy smart lighting. Control your lights without leaving your desk.

Easy to install, compatible with any lighting load, and ideal for homes with weak Wi-Fi signals. These products lets you convert your home's lighting system to smart lighting while still allowing you to control your lights the traditional way.

The app lets you easily create rooms, zones, scenes, and automated schedules, and you can get it with a helpful remote that you can mount on a wall or leave on a table as a second wireless dimmer. Best of all, you can also control the dimmer with your voice through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, and it supports integrations with many other smart platforms. Check it out:

Lutron Caseta

Control Where You Need it With Lutron Caséta

The Lutron Caséta Wireless dimmer system lets you convert your home's lighting system to smart lighting while still allowing you to control your lights the traditional way.

One Kit is All You Need

With a smart home lighting kit you will have everything you need for smart lighting control: a Smart Bridge, Smart Dimmer and Pico Smart Remote.

Control where you need it with Lutron Caséta

Scheduling:Never again walk into a dark home office in the morning. Set your lights to turn on and off at a certain time of day. You can use the Sunset Tracker feature to control the lights without fail - even when the seasons change.

Scenes:Control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a scene. Create a "Computer" scene to dim the lights slightly while doing work on your computer and create a "Writing" scene when you are working at your desk writing notes and need more light.

Smart Away:Increase security at your home by using the Smart Away feature to randomly turn your lights on and off to create the illusion you are home even if you are out for a night or on vacation for the week.

Leviton Decora Smart

Decora Smart™ Provides Easy Wi-Fi Lighting for Your Home

Control your lights, electronics and appliances from anywhere with the full line of Wi-Fi switches, dimmers, plug-ins and more from Leviton Decora Smart™. You can schedule your lights and devices to turn on when you want them to - such as at sunrise and sunset.

You can connect to your favorite smart products and services like Alexa, Google and more!

All you need is Wi-Fi and internet, no hub required.

Light the Way with Decora Smart

  • Control lights, electronics or appliances from anywhere
  • Schedule your lights to illuminate when you want them, or randomize for vacation purposes or a lived-in look
  • Use a countdown timer for hallways and bathrooms to ensure lights are turned off
  • All you need is Wi-Fi and internet, no hub required
  • Truly smart lighting - schedules run even during a temporary internet outage
  • Match your style - 6 color options complement existing Decora® devices in your home
  • Multi-Way Compatible - Control the same lights from more than one location using a smart dimmer paired with a matching remote
  • Best in class full-range dimming performance including low-wattage LED bulbs.

Leviton Decora Smart Products

Decora Smart™ Products


Smart Home & Speaker Downlights

These definitely aren't your father's can lights.

Overhead, ambient lighting can be a strong contributor towards improving the quality of lighting in your workspace. Increase your productivity. reduce eyestrain, headaches - and get control over your environment!

Joining the growing list of smart home devices are downlights. They add convenience by letting you control the lighting throughout your home with hands free voice activation or by a touch of a button on your smart phone. Control how your home office looks and feels at any time by adjusting brightness and color temperature. And if controlling your lights are not enough, you can also have total voice control of your streaming music! Choose downlights with premium JBL speakers, built-in Alexa and more!

Juno AI Smart Home Downlights

Juno AI™ Smart Home Downlights

Enjoy total lighting control including dimming, tunable color temperature and programming to set a scene or mood. No hub required.

You can now control your entire home with a 6" LED downlight fixture! Through the use of Alexa the Juno AI™ downlight can illuminate a room, lock doors, schedule appointments, adjust the thermostat, turn up the music... the list is really endless.

You can even play music through a concealed built-in speaker with premium sound by JBL®.

LED Voice Control
Speaker Downlight
(Alexa Built-In)


LED Voice Control
Speaker Downlight
(Alexa Built-In)


LED Downlight
(Works with Alexa)


Lithonia 6SL Wireless Speaker Downlights

Lithonia 6SL Wireless Speaker Downlights

These LED Wireless Speaker Downlights provides an easy and efficient way to light up a room and enjoy music in your home office.

The perfect to retrofit into existing 6" downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications. Wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device via Bluetooth™.

Best of all, wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Pair up to 8 units together for an enhanced sound experience. Retrofit into most standard 6" recessed housings or new construction and remodel applications.

LED Wireless
Speaker Downlight


Task Lighting & LED Filament Lamps

Function and style found in the small details.

Task lighting complements ambient lighting by providing increased light for specific tasks and useful for seeing small objects or objects of low contrast. When traditional desk lamps are unavailable, let's say in your kitchen home office - under cabinet lighting provides an effective and great-looking alternative.

The first few generations of LED lamps weren't known for being very pretty - Afterall, back then it was all about energy savings. Today, you have options; now you can outfit your home office with stylish, LED decorative lamps without sacrificing lumen output or energy savings. If you're going to be working from home, why not make a statement?

TCP Goodlife Lamps

The Good Life LED Filament Lamps

Add the warmth of incandescent lighting to your home office without sacrificing energy savings.

For years the focus of LED lighting was based solely on energy efficiency with design ambiance and performance taking a back seat. Now you no longer need to sacrifice ambiance for energy efficiency.

LED Filament lamps have the look and feel of incandescent lamps while using 85% less energy. Best of all, these lamps provides smooth warm dimming from 3200 Kelvin to 1800 Kelvin with a 15,000 hour rated life! Check it out:

Flame Tip Decorative
LED Filament Lamp


G25 Globe
LED Filament Lamp


LED Filament Lamp


The RAB Knook from Connexion

KNOOK® LED Undercabinet Lighting

A smart reimagining of the ubiquitous under cabinet light.

Designed to provide soft, uniform lighting on work surfaces, the RAB Knook under cabinet fixture is an ideal task lighting option whether your home office is kitchen-based or in another room of the house.

The Knook is available in 8, 16, 24 and 32 inch lengths and in either 2700k or 3000k color temperature. Each Knook fixture is dimming compatible and can be daisy chained with optional accessory jumper cables to provide continuous lighting.

LED Undercabinet Lights


RAB LED Undercabinet Light Accessories

LED Undercabinet Light Accessories


USB Wall Outlets & Surge Protective Strips

Let's get serious about your home office power.

When fast, convenient and efficient charging of your portable electronics are needed, consider USB charging receptacles. With a simple replacement of a standard electrical receptacle, you can gain charging convenience with standard power. A solution upgrade for the home office (no matter which room it's in), with the added benefit of eliminating clutter in your work space.

As part of an ideal solution for home offices, these surge protection devices can be used individually or as part of a coordinated application strategy, to protect your PC, printer, and other sensitive electronic equipment. Check it out:

Leviton USB Wall Outlets/Chargers

USB Wall Outlets/Chargers

No adapter? No problem.

Keeping your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices up and running is essential to your home office. Leviton's line of USB In-Wall Chargers deliver maximum power for faster charging, including Type-C charging ports and features a smart chip which recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements of the connected device.

Best of all, They're easy to install and eliminates the clutter of charging cords and adapters!


Leviton USB Type C/C Duplex Charger Devices

USB Type C/C Duplex
Charger Devices


Leviton USB Type A/C Duplex Charger Devices

USB Type A/C Duplex
Charger Devices


Leviton USB Type A/A Duplex Charger Devices

USB Type A/A Duplex
Charger Devices


Leviton USB Type A4-Port Charger Devices

USB Type A 4-Port
Charger Devices


Leviton Surge Protective Strips

Leviton Surge Protective Strips

A necessity of convenience and protection

Having home office power where you need it requires more than just an outlet strip. Leviton’s outstanding surge protection strips diverts damaging voltage transients, or surges, away from your valuable electronic devices - preventing costly downtime and data disruptions.

Best of all, these commercial grade strips provide protection for up to six devices and have a 5-Year limited warranty!

  • Cord Length: 6 Foot (15ft. available)
  • Joules Rating: 720 and 1010
  • Number of Receptacles: 6

Leviton Surge Protective Strips

Surge Protective Strips




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