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Manufacturer price increases and tariff updates

The Latest Supply Chain News

Supply Chain Updates

At the onset of the COVID- pandemic, many manufactures began implementing production cut backs due to forecasts of an economic decline. However, the opposite happened. Whether through panic-buying or other motivations, consumers continued spending, product demand held steady and even grew in some segments.

Even with several countries enacting their own fiscal stimulus packages, manufacturers are still struggling to meet the unprecedented production and logistic demands brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Latest Supply Chain News

If there were any doubt of just how dependent our local supply chain is on our global trading partners, we need only to look at the
bruising we took with our recent US-China trade wars and our ongoing challenges working through the Coronavirus pandemic.

These ruinous events caused regional and national disruptions to our supply chains, and also exposed the vulnerabilities of many manufacturers, especially those who have a high dependence on China - or any “eggs-in-one-basket” scenario to fulfil their need
for raw materials or finished goods.

Our Supply Chain News section provides both a historic and current view at the influences impacting product availability and pricing.

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Supply Chain News

Commodity Watch

Daily Commodity Prices

Aside from its ubiquitous use in electrical wire and cable, copper is also one of the most commonly used metals in a wide variety of industries across the globe. From power generation and transmission, construction, to factory equipment and electronics, the price of copper highly impacts the cost of consumer goods and serves as a bellwether of our global economy.

There are numerous, global supply and demand factors influencing daily commodity prices. With such dynamic complexities, we encourage you to become a regular visitor to our Commodity Watch section to stay informed of current economic trends.

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Manufacturer Price Increase Notifications

Periodically, during the course of the year, our manufacturers will send out notifications of price increases to cover increases to their raw materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, plastic resins, and so on.

Connexion posts these price increase notifications towards helping our customers with their cost budgeting and assist in any available pre-increase purchase opportunities.

Here you go:

Manufacturer Price Increases

Increase Percentage
Effective Date
3MUndefinedFebruary 01, 2021
ABB - Carlon4 to 9% and higher on select product groupsJanuary 23, 2021
ABB - GE Average 3 to 5% on all productsJanuary 23, 2021
ABB - MidwestAverage 3 to 5% on all productsJanuary 23, 2021
Arlington Industries5%January 11, 2021
Atkore (Metal Framing)6 to 8%May 03, 2021
Atkore/Konkore Fittings10%February 15, 2021
Bridgeport8%June 01, 2021
Caddy5 to 25%June 01, 2021
Cooper Lighting6 to 8%May 24, 2021
Electri-Flex11%March 01, 2021
Garvin15%June 01, 2021
Hammond Power Solutions2.5 to 3%January 18, 2021
Hubbell - Acme5 to 7%January 04, 2021
Hubbell - Acme7 to 17%July 01, 2021
Hubbell - Burndy3 to 5%January 01, 2021
Hubbell - Kellems5 to 9%May 15, 2021
Hubbell - Raco7 to 17%July 01, 2021
Hubbell - Wiegmann7 to 17%July 01, 2021
Hubbell Commercial Construction 1 to 6% (varies by product group)March 01, 2021
Keystone4 to 9%March 15, 2021
Leviton8% (varies by product group)May 01, 2021
Lutron2.4 to 5% (varies by product group)January 15, 2021
MersenApproximately 0.4%February 01, 2021
Milbank7 to 20%July 01, 2021
nVent - Caddy3 to 25%June 01, 2021
Pass & Seymour5 to 10%July 12, 2021
Picoma7% on all productsFebruary 01, 2021
PolywaterApproximately 0.1% (varies by product group)January 01, 2021
SATCO5 to 10%June 01, 2021
Schneider Electric - Asco3.5%January 01, 2021
Schneider Electric - Square D8%April 01, 2021
Shat-R-Shield6 to 10%April 01, 2020
SiemensUndefinedJanuary 01, 2021
Signify4 to 7% (varies by product group)March 01, 2021
Southwire0 to 8% (varies by product group)December 01, 2020
Sylvania - LEDVANCE10% July 01, 2021

Last Update: 5/17/2021

Questions? Please contact your Connexion sales representative for details; including product lines affected and available pre-increase purchase opportunities.



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