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Re-Entry Solutions

The "new normal" of the post-pandemic workplace requires us to improvise, innovate, and reconsider all aspects of the workplace - implementing new measures to ensure the health and safety of our workforces.

While the needs of every workplace are different, the need for social distancing and hygiene protocols will be very similar. The products featured on this page are both standard off-the-shelf products (top section) and technology that is either being newly introduced - or reintroduced with applications ideally suited for these times. Whether your needs involve building out new work spaces, social distancing or disinfecting, we have the products and support you need to help you redefine your "new normal".

Exploring New Technologies

From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we reached out to several of our manufacturer partners looking for innovative product solutions that can help our communities in their response to this pandemic. Many of these products are new to the market - or have been reintroduced with a newly realized application towards addressing these unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. Please feel free to use the contact form in each section to learn more about these products.

Disinfecting Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new awareness to a lighting technology that isn't so new. Hospitals have been using UV (ultraviolet) light to kill viruses and drug-resistant superbugs for decades. But with a coronavirus vaccine still not on anybody's near horizon, there is now strong interest in using UV technology in settings like restaurants, schools, and commercial buildings to help reduce COVID transmission.


Tool solutions for cleaning and disinfecting, and more..


Cordless power tools from Milwaukee can make short work of facility cleaning and disinfecting. Based on their popular M18 FUEL platform, the versatile backpack concrete sprayer and vacuum kits are just what your maintenance team needs for reliable and easy operation.


UV lighting disinfecting products and more...


Lighting Science offers some unique UV solutions such as retrofit troffers and a Portal entry system allowing people to walk through whereby gaining the disinfecting benefits of UV lighting.


Stationary and portable UV lighting disinfecting products...


The PURO Lighting solution uses a powerful, broad-spectrum light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B and anti-bacterial UV-A to optimize their germ-killing efficiency. They offer both stationary and portable UV lighting products.

Lighting Solutions for Healthcare & High-abuse Applications

Healthcare environments, with their highly visual tasks, have diverse and demanding lighting requirements. Whether the environment is temporary or permanent, its lighting should be designed to achieve high efficiency, hygiene, safety, with the well-being of medical staff and patients in mind.


Multi-function Portable Healthcare Light Stand with exam, task, night lighting and power control bar, and more...


When considering temporary healthcare spaces, Acuity's "Portable Healthcare Light Stand" sets up in less than 5 minutes and combines powerful task lighting with an integral power station. Acuity provides a full fixture offering to address the unique needs of surgical suites, patient rooms, temporary sites, so much more.


High efficacy, and high durability solutions for temporary site lighting and more...


For more demanding applications, Keystone provides a complete offering for hazardous, vaportite and washdown environments. The Keystone portfolio includes high durability and high efficacy LED lighting solutions perfectly suited for your most demanding applications.


TCP Lighting for building new healthcare facilities & urgently retrofitting other spaces


TCP provides fast shipping on a wide array of lighting solutions for new or remodeled coronavirus treatment facilities. These include T8 retrofit kits, LED troffers, LED highbays and more.

Commercial Office & Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new demand for antimicrobial treated devices. Originally developed for healthcare and other high traffic environments, antimicrobial is the general term for any product or ingredient that kills or inhibits bacteria, viruses, or molds. Today, switches and wallplates are the most common antimicrobial-treated devices. Used together with social distancing shields, conference rooms no longer need to be breading grounds for germs.


Antimicrobial Devices, Medical Grade power Strips and more...


Medical grade power strips and antimicrobial treated wiring devices lead the way in our offering of Leviton's healthcare focused solutions. Leviton offers a wide range of product solutions which address the needs of high-traffic healthcare, education, and commercial environments.


Temporary lighting and power, hospital devices. and more...


Hubbell's selection of emergency preparedness devices is second to none. From the early stages of your job, you'll find a broad selection of temporary power boxes and lighting. When addressing power connections , choose from pin & sleeve devices, watertight, USB receptacles, a full range of hospital grade devices and cord and hose protection.


Social distancing, face shields, and more...


Louvers International earned their reputation as a quality lighting fixture manufacturer, who, because of their nimbleness, could do just about anything. As we're all addressing how to co-exist with the coronavirus, that 'anything' now includes a selection of social distance and face shields.

Data and Connectivity Solutions

From social media to online services, connecting digitally has been such an intregral part of our lives - like breathing, it's often taken for granted. but in our efforts to work through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, never have we been so acutely aware of how critically we depend on our digital connections. Healthcare workers rely on these digital connections for patient care and government agencies for coordinating critical communications. The product solutions featured below can help ensure essential operational continuity in the most demanding environments.


Power and Data Rapid Response Healthcare Solutions


Schneider Electric provides complete IT infrastructure solutions within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business and healthcare applications; include: power distribution, UPS, and environmental monitoring. Their solutions are customizable to application requirements, it can deliver economies of scale, predictable performance and assured quality, while also fulfilling essential needs.


Specialty raceway products for healthcare and temporary power, and more......


No matter the application or environment, you'll find an Electri-Flex liquidtight conduit solution that protects critical wiring against crushing, impact, abrasion and the elements. A complete offering of shielded, non-shielded, color-coded and special use conduit is available - all using standard, off-the-shelf fittings.


Specialty cable rated for healthcare and temporary power applications and more...


Selecting the correct cabling for healthcare applications, look no further than to Encore Wire.Their MC-LED product offering has been developed expressly for use with LED and Fluorescent dimming systems and power management systems in smart building technology for patient care areas and other critical areas of healthcare facilities to aid in optimal control over the building’s lighting management systems.

Please feel free to reach out to us if we can assist you or your operation in any way.

We are proud to be your partners in commerce and throughout these unprecedented times we are managing through together.

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