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Cable Stacker

3M™ Cable Stacker, Stacker 10/2 to 14/2 AWG Cable, Polypropylene, White

  • Manufacturer : 3M
  • Part Number : SI-1
  • Brand : 3M™
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  • Min. Order Qty: 1


3M™ Cable Stacker, 10/2 to 14/2 AWG Cable, Stacker Cable, 4 Cables, Polypropylene, White, Clip-On Mount, 3.35 in L x 0.48 in W


  • Type : Cable Stacker
  • Material : Polypropylene
  • Color : White


  • Centers multiple cables on framing members
  • Simplifies spacing requirements of the National Electric Code and Canadian Electric Code
  • Organizes cable runs and aids in identification
  • Puts an end to tangled wires and the potential heating that could occur when cables are held together tightly under 1 clip
  • Easy installation with cables snapping in for a positive lock



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